Supply Optimization
Integrated Business Planning
Supply Optimization
Project Current and Future Supply Levels Across All Channels
Plan your inventory across your entire distribution network
Outcomes and Benefits of Supply Optimization

Accelerate Profitability

Accelerate towards profitability goals. Match your supply chain to your most profitable options with the lowest-cost ways to satisfy requirements.

Minimise Downtime

Build schedules that automatically consider all your constraints around materials, machines, labour, and tooling.

Mitigate Risk

Simulate different planning scenarios before you commit to a plan. Trigger “what-if” analytical capabilities that evaluate the impact of changing factors in production, distribution and storage.

Eliminate Costs

Eliminate redundant and obsolete inventory and decrease inventory carrying costs.

Automate and Set Alerts

Gain efficiency by automating routine policies and use inventory alerts to minimise stock-outs and improve replenishment cycles.

Customer Focused

Balance inventory vs. customer service, optimize costs and transportation times, and fill customer orders dynamically.

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