Integrated Business Planning
Leading business planning technology that is more efficient and more effective.
Boost your business planning confidence by fully evaluating the true merits of multiple alternative future paths. Combine volumetric and financial data into one comprehensive plan that spans strategic and tactical horizons
Digital Supply Chain Platform

Demand Optimization

Leverage algorithmic optimization and machine learning to significantly improve prediction of market demand.

Drive more accurate demand plans that are attuned to your diverse product portfolio.

Inventory Optimization

Set optimal inventory targets at each node and stage of a multi-echelon manufacturing and distribution network to attain strategic inventory and service level goals.

Supply Optimization

Optimize material, production and distribution assets by synchronizing supply and demand. Simulate and create real world supply, distribution and purchase plans.

Retail Optimization

Boost inventory performance with precise, flexible top-down, bottom-up and middle-out planning that integrates forecasting, merchandise and assortment planning, allocation and replenishment.

Sourcing Optimization

Optimize sourcing decisions and multi-tier vendor minimums. Track vendor performance including RFQs, vendor profiles and onboarding, and milestone attainment.

Quality & Compliance

Streamline quality and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) compliance processes to reduce the risk of cancellations, chargebacks and returns while protecting your brand and increasing customer satisfaction.

Product Life Cycle Management

Improve design productivity and reduce lead times with real-time visibility to streamline moving product concepts to market and rationalize complex product lines.

Advanced Analytics

Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, algorithmic optimization, simulations, scenarios and other forms of advanced analytics to provide new insights.

Integrated Business Planning

Create single achievable plans.

Balance market demand, supply capabilities, and financial objectives

Supply Chain Data Management

Leverage an innovative data strategy to quickly connect multiple enterprise systems and minimize custom integration by as much as 90%.

Integrated Business Planning that helps visualise, evaluate, and optimise plans for customers, markets, investments, and resources to achieve your business goals and drive shareholder value

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