Retail Optimization
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Retail Optimization
Balance Supply and Demand to Boost Sales and Cut Costs
Retail Optimization: Balance Supply and Demand to Boost Sales and Cut Costs
Outcomes and Benefits of Retail Optimization

Increase Margins

Synchronise your sourcing activities from vendor management all the way down to store merchandising, you can create plans that boost sales and increase your margins while reducing your inventory costs.

Hit Revenue Goals

Build schedules that automatically consider all your constraints around materials, machines, labour, and tooling.

Meet Targets at Store Level

Balance inventory vs. customer service, optimise costs and transportation times, and fill customer orders dynamically.

Long Term Projections

Model the performance of each item against historical data. Read POS demand signals and re-forecast projections to optimally position available merchandise.

Profit Conversion

Convert your high-level financial goals into chain and store-level plans for your financial and unit.

Accelerate Inventory Turns

Utilise flexible rules and automate workflows for product distribution and replenishment management to meet customer demand and accelerate inventory turns. planning scenarios before you commit to a plan. Trigger “what-if” analytical capabilities that evaluate the impact of changing factors in production, distribution and storage.

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