Advanced Analytics
Integrated Business Planning
Advanced Analytics
Monitor your business health in real-time
Keep all your team members focused on improving your profitability
Outcomes and Benefits of Advanced Analytics


Foresee and resolve process and policy refinements before they affect sales and working capital.

Streamline processes to achieve greater forecast accuracy.

Alert the wider business to challenges and increase internal collaboration.


Focus on the Metrics that Impact Revenue and Costs.

Gain efficiencies through identifying stock outs and SLOB inventory ahead of time.

Reduce markdowns and write-offs.

Increase Revenue through shorter time-to-react.


Quickly evaluate the overall key components of the latest plan.

Easily identify those locations, products or product groups where further investigation is required.

Clearly present overall plan to the wider team.


Quickly evaluate schedules with alternate goals and trade-offs and implement those that align with business goals.

Easily drill into demand, inventory & cost across plants and into the future to understand the drivers behind costs.


Maximise working capital with month-by- month budgeting.

Review budgets in hours, not days or weeks.

Sync directly with existing business and financial applications for automatic updates


Identify key trends and opportunities. Streamline processes to achieve greater forecast accuracy.

Increase internal collaboration and foster cultural change.

Provide stakeholders a single version of the truth.

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