Sourcing Management
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Sourcing Management
Choose the suppliers that can help you thrive
Making good sourcing decisions has become more complex than ever.
Outcomes and Benefits of Sourcing Management

Improve Margins

Allow brand owners the capacity to reduce supply chain costs, optimise sourcing decisions and visibility into offshore production. Monitor the movement of goods and improve information with supply-side trading partners.

Real Time Supply Chain

Collaborate with your global supply chain partners in real time. Create barcode cartons labels, shipment paperwork and ASNs for DC and direct-to-store delivery.

Reduce Time to Market

Identify and qualify the best suppliers based on criteria that are important to your business - which allows you to speed your time to market.

Reduce Supply Risk

Engage dozens of suppliers from around the globe in your initial evaluation. Creates formal RFP/RFQs and helps you compare and analyse bids.

Minimise Defects

Reduce product defects by managing on-site quality audits and making corrections based upon the results.

Cut Costs

Cut unanticipated airfreight expenses by ensuring on time deliveries from global production facilities.

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