Why Morpheus?

A global team with a strong local partner in Asia Pacific, DMS is committed to making your company a world leader in an efficient and sustainable supply chain.

Morpheus places strong emphasis on your suppliers and customers.
Because global supply chains are only as strong as the weakest link, our fully digital middleware creates an end-to-end supply chain with greater resilience, more reliability…and less risk.

Morpheus delivers on a vision for an effective, fairer, and more sustainable commerce.

Global Supply Chain
Smart. Secure. Automated.
Middleware technology that simplifies and automates the flow of goods by digitising shipping and customs documents, providing real time tracking and payments from origin to destination.

Reduce Operating Expenses

End-to-end shipment visibility & real time tracking guarantees regulatory compliance, reduced costs (delays, fines, SLA, rework, reverse logistics) and a more effective team.

Optimise Working Capital

Real time inventory and reliable ETAs that improve accounts receivables, plant planning and utilization.

Business Goals Compliance & Sustainability

Increase shipment visibility and effectiveness. Improve fill rate, security compliance and reduce losses due to product damage, shrinkage, waste, and counterfeiting.

15% of Sales on Supply Chain OPEX is spent on Exporting or Shipping.
80% of the activities are handled by supply chain stakeholders.
  • Each stakeholder has their own processes, platforms and forms of communication.
  • Confidence in metrics like Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) has been broken.
  • Manual Documents, Data and Events Silos create delays and bottlenecks.
  • Errors are compounded by tools like Email.
Supply chains post Covid are about Resilience, Reliability and De-Risk.
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“We are using the platform for reducing supply chain operating costs such as delays, fines, SLA, rework and reverse logistics.

Tracking shipments in real time using Morpheus.Network equals
faster stock turns, accounts receivable turnover and reduced working capital requirements”.

JORGE MARCOS MADRID – Chairman, Vitalcan
“Morpheus.Network replaced a largely manual process where thousands of regulatory certifications and documents from more than 150 suppliers are collected and managed by Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) which all need to be scanned, validated, processed and tracked.”
Ray Gareau – IT Manager, Federated Coop

Morpheus.Network is a Middleware Platform with Trusted Information Flows.

We have done the heavy lifting to provide integrations with over 100 industry leading technologies and service providers including Global Carriers like DHL, IoT Providers such as ATT and Telefonica and Payments via Swift.

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Let’s explore your needs on a 10 minute phone call

The Workflow Builder allows users to create workflows using a simple drag and drop interface.

Modules can be added in sequence to build an end-to-end workflow. These are saved as master templates and executed automatically upon receiving new triggers like Purchase Orders.


The Morpheus.Network middleware is an ideal solution to help implement your “202X” digitization and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) including robust tracking of CO2 reduction, water, waste and contamination, across the entire supply chain.

Morpheus.Network provides content and instruction for the CSSCP Program from ISCEA.

The CSSCP program from ISCEA will educate SC professionals with sustainability case studies, methodologies, and tools to identify the areas of opportunity, prioritize them within a strategic plan and make them actionable.

Breakthrough Innovation using emerging technologies like Blockchain, IoT and AI have the potential to drive breakthroughs in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Digitise shipments from Purchase Order through to Proof of Delivery.
A single source of truth.from Purchase Order through to Proof of Delivery.
The ‘Live Track’ self-serve portals show the Single Shipment View that gives Customers complete visibility of custody changes, event handling, and product condition for each shipment. Supervisors will reject, approve or overwrite documents and control the workflow. Users receive proactive notification of delays, product protection issues, late document submission via email, SMS, browser notifications, etc.
Product Protection using Internet of things (IoT)
Product protection for reporting excessive temperature and humidity is critical for our customers.
Combining IoT data middleware running on blockchain is key for providing a trusted and tamper proof history of all data points such as geopositioning, temperature, humidity and shock as well as tampearing, theft and irregular movement.
Carrier Integrations and Security

Technology to track goods from origin to destination point.

A carrier can assign a logistics asset based on VINs or Container IDs as well as driver documents to load the data such as Product IDs, Quantities and Weights, ensuring consistency across all prevailing technology platforms. Security events based on cargo movements at unscheduled geo positions or the opening of the truck or container, are captured and reported.

Automated IoT Geofence Actions and Notifications

Morpheus.Network digital middleware rebuilds trust in deliveries using Expected Times of Arrival (xTA).

Technology that uses Automated Geofence actions to generate actionable triggers, sending notifications to key stakeholders to inform them of progress.

Get real time visibility for the flow of incoming goods and file pre-release documentation. Warehouse operations such as yards, docks and bays are synchronized to the shipment’s arrival schedule as well as merchandising and store execution which helps effectively manage the use of physical resources and everyone’s time.
Trusted “Digital Footprint” and Blockchain Notary Service

The Digital Footprint is a blockchain-based notarisation service logging Information
flows such as data, documents and events.

This proves a trusted and tamper proof view of every shipment, from a real time perspective as well as historical compliance of all shipments. The platform notarises any kind of digital content by creating a unique hash (fingerprint) of any digital document format and stores this to the hash in a distributed and decentralized ledger. This could simply be sharing data between stakeholders to automatic triggers for executing smart contracts for order returns, reordering, rebooking or payments of insurance claims for example.

Automating Complex Supplier Systems

The Morpheus.Network “Supplier Certs” is a modern, secure, blockchain based solution for onboarding and managing suppliers in any industry.

Our Live Track portals, Workflow Engine and API integrations streamline the supplier onboarding process.

No matter how strong your supply chain team may be, finding the right suppliers and stakeholders and onboarding them is costly and time consuming.

Why automate complex Supplier Systems?
Accelerate supplier onboarding
Reduce manual processes and documents to speed the onboarding process by as much a 70% reduction in cycle time. Documents in the portal can be used to expedite customs clearance for international shipment of physical goods and avoid over costs (delays, fines, SLA, rework, reverse logistics, product deterioration and shrinkage).
Lower procurement operating costs and create a more effective team
Reduce expenses related to supplier qualification, validation and lifecycle management by as much as 50%. The Supplier Certs platform allows customers to assign a portion of the available time to new value-added activities. The platform will also help the team effectively cover holidays, illness and unforeseen events and risks. Supplier self-management improves accountability while enhancing their experience. Simple communication and collaboration tools save everyone time and money.
Reduce compliance risk
Confirm supplier qualifications with access to current data about industry standards such as ISO and BRC. Additionally, you can ask for SDG and ESG certificates such as child labour, animal welfare, and green credentials. Ensure your suppliers are white-listed and not sanctioned. For example, our “Food Certs” solution includes automatic validation of industry license and 20+ third party verifications such as MyGFSI, CFIA Labelling and Organic Standards.

Frequently asked questions

Our middleware value proposition brings to supply chain managers some of the best tools for global trade. 

Let’s walk through some frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Our document management modules can exchange documents with people via a portal or digitally over APIs.  A supervisor can ensure that the correct documents are approved within a workflow in a timely and opportunity manner.  

The portal brings all the key information flows; documents, data and events in one place providing a single shipment view.

The digital footprint notary service provides a complete information flow on a per shipment basis.

Storing the document once on blockchain and sharing it with multiple stakeholders helps reduce delays, over costs and improves team productivity.

All shippers are having critical visibility issues with vessel carriers, NVOCCs and ports.   These problems will be with us for at least 2 years and typically they include:

“Where is my product?”
“When will it arrive?”
“Has it been handled/looked after correctly?”

We offer tracking from INTTRA and DCSA for Vessel Carriers and better reliable Gate-In / Gate-Out by integrating with the Port TOS.   These include sailing delays, schedule rerouting, and blank sailings as well identifying cargo flagged for inspection.

Morpheus.Network provides real time inventory and product protection using many IoT providers.    IoT tracking provides full door to door, multi modal cargo visibility for optimizing plant asset utilization on inbound shipments and reducing working capital due to faster payments from retailers. on outbound shipments.

The same IoT devices reduce losses due to product damage, shrinkage and waste.   Our global insurance partners provide one click certificates and an agile claims process to define root cause and actor and ensure timely payment.

This is part of a Co-Innovation Project with SAP.  The SAP version will be a fully certified solution available on their marketplace and includes connectivity with SAP APIs using the PO number together with any relevant master data. 

Brand Protection includes product serialization and the creation of a universal ID (digital twin) for each item.   Serialization rules are created for each vertical or category based on standards like GS1.  We provide many printing options such as the data matrix and QR code as well as RFID tag encoding and support of the GS1 Digital Link.

Finally advanced track and trace identifies any black, grey, stolen or counterfeit products as they enter the supply chain.   A digital footprint provides item scan history as well as enabling compelling consumer experiences for safe for sale products.

We are connected to SWIFT, the largest worldwide payment system for FIAT currencies.  Payments can be automated using events recorded in a smart contract based on the INCO terms or a proof of delivery.   We are working with several innovative trade finance platforms to provide the trigger events for payments.

Storing information flows on blockchain provides a trusted chain of custody or products and event handling.

This supports modern food safety programs using provenance and compliance for trusted traders and security programs such as AEO and CTPAT. Additionally, we are beginning to see customers use the platform for all ESG/SDG related events for scope 3 emissions.

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