Demand Optimization
Integrated Business Planning
Demand Optimization
Maximize the return on every sale and keep customers happy
Achieve higher customer service levels by constantly monitoring and reacting to current business conditions.
Outcomes and Benefits of Demand Optimization

Save Time

Free up your team from manual forecast tuning so that they can spend more time collaborating and working towards continuous improvements in service levels.

Target Focus Areas

Drill down and focus on areas that most need your attention.

Sophisticated Algorithms

Easily constrain orders by shipping capacities, seasonality, material shortages, labour, and warehouse space.

Free-up Working Capital

Use machine learning to identify patterns and automatically present decisions that could free up millions of dollars in working capital.

Increase Customer Service

Increase customer service by collaborating with your internal and external partners Align your inventory decisions with your marketing campaigns.


Automatically generate forecasts at business levels that you define, from item level to product category.

Automate to ensure routine tasks are performed when you need them to happen.

Make Your First Decision to Drive Growth in Your Business