Bondi Sands

Logility Demand Solutions is GLOWING to announce our latest client collaboration with Bondi Sands.

We’ll be looking our best whether its Winter, Autumn, or Spring as we assist Bondi Sands execute best-in-class Supply Chain Planning and support their extraordinary global expansion of this iconic Australian brand.

Australia is synonymous with the quintessential beach culture and a healthy sun-kissed tan. As a 100% Australian made and owned brand, Bondi Brands set out to share this unique lifestyle of sand, sun, and sea with the rest of the world. Bondi Sands is an Australian range of self-tan, suncare, skincare and cosmetics that has taken both the Australian and International market by storm.

An opportune string of events led to co-founders Shaun Wilson and Blair James meeting in a tanning salon. Following market changes and a gap in the market due to existing low quality, unnatural looking self-tanners, the co-founders embarked on a journey of research and discovery to develop a quality, natural tanning formula that resembled the quintessential bronzed Aussie tan.

Kicking off with three products initially launched in Australia in 2012, since then the brand has progressively grown and entered the New Zealand, UK, European and US markets.

Based on the Brands global popularity, we would have to say the pair got it right and nowadays the Bondi Sands tan can be seen on beaches globally!