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Retailers don’t want empty displays — those mean lost sales opportunities.  Nor do they want items that aren’t selling — they take up valuable shelf real estate and require their staff to manage it.  Retailers want just the right product at just the right time, and they want the vendors to do it.

Retailers can provide weekly point-of-sales (POS) or 852 data showing information by SKU by store to vendors.  From there, it’s up to the vendor to make sense of it – welcome to vendor-managed inventory (VMI).

Manufacturers and distributers look to Demand Solutions to help them tackle these inventory planning challenges and Demand Solutions Retail Planning was designed to meet this challenge — store-level inventory planning and replenishment that helps build a mutually profitable relationship between vendors and retailers through collaboration.  This powerful solution optimizes store-level replenishment for manufacturers and distributors who must track thousands of store/SKU combinations.  Its calculations provide the perpetual inventory as well as the model, rate of sale, and reorder quantities down to the store level for improved sell-throughs, increased customer service levels and higher inventory turns.

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