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Demand Solutions National 2013 Client Conference

Brisbane, Queensland – 15 & 16 August 2013


“The conference has definitely given me some fresh ideas to go back to some of the
things that we may not
have touched on before, so it’s been really good.”
–Brian Tomkins, Bremick Pty Ltd

The excitement began with the beating of a drummer to interrupt the formal introduction and lead the delegates on a heart pumping journey with jungle ‘tom-toms’.

Without verbal communication the delegates participated in a variety of exhilarating drum beating routines. Surprising how the conductor was able to lead the delegated in rhythms and harmonies with only visual communication. This was an ‘Overture’ to another innovative, exciting and enlightening Demand Solutions conference.

As well as the usual “Hands On” Demand Solutions Workshops the Conference featured Guest Presentations:

  • Stephen Bradbury – The Last Man Standing
  • Mark Schroder – The Body Shop Journey
  • Mikael Hatzis & Rod Hozack – S&OP in Practice

Stephen Bradbury outlined his path to Olympic Gold Medal glory as ‘The Last Man Standing’. Stephen’s journey was anything but smooth, with mishaps at 3 previous Olympics including accident at the 1998 Olympics requiring 110 stitches, and a car accident to interrupt training. His story proved inspirational as well as very entertaining for the audience – his motto of “Never Give Up” was a message that resonated well with the delegates.

“It’s incredible how all the businesses face the same issues even though it’s
a completely different industry, we do face the same issues so it’s interesting
to see how other people manage to overcome those difficulties.”

–Pierre Even, Sanofi-Aventis Australia Pty Ltd

“I think the conference is fantastic, a real wide variety of participants,
really good opportunity to talk to people and get a feel for how they use the tool.”

Nick Talty, Mauri Yeast Australia Pty Ltd

The client presentation came from Mark Schroder, Logistics & Demand Manager at The Body Shop. He detailed the success story of the expansion of the application of Demand Solutions to manage the Forecasts and Replenishment for the network of Retail stores. Resulting in improved customer facing service with reduced inventory levels.

The theme from Demand Solutions for the conference was to focus on helping clients improve Forecast Accuracy through several different approaches all of which were presented through “Hands On” workshops to strengthen the learning experience for the delegates. The Workshops addressed the following material:

  • How to Improve Forecast Accuracy
  • Good Customer Service and Forecast Accuracy
  • Applying Business Rules to Manage New Product Lifestyles
  • Forecast Accuracy is Greater at Aggregated National Item Level, but Clients Want Visibility of Item Detail by Customer or Market

The conference concluded with ‘S&OP in practice’ powered by an interactive Workshop with delegates taking on the tasks that contribute to the S&OP review process. Through the workshop Guest consultants from Integratos – Mikael Hatzis & Rod Hozack detailed the 7 Habits of a Highly effective S&OP operation.

“The one thing about the Demand Solutions conference is that it’s interactive,
you’ve got experts in the room that come from different businesses that
have an opportunity to learn from other businesses.”

– Mark Schroder, The Body Shop

Another exciting educational experience awaits you in 2015.

Best regards,

Lloyd Sheather – Chairman & Director
Demand Management Systems Pty Ltd