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Demand Management Systems is the Australian and Asia Pacific agent responsible for the marketing, distribution and support of the full range of Demand Management Incorporated software solutions all of which are marketed under the DEMAND SOLUTIONS™ brand. The distribution responsibility includes North and South East Asia.

The organisation was established in 1988 and the initial client Cyanamid became the first organisation granted Class A status by the Oliver Wight organisation. The solution was then named Focus Forecasting. The name for the software was subsequently changed to DEMAND SOLUTIONS™ a name more appropriate to the product application. The  DEMAND SOLUTIONS™ suite of sofware solutions now address the full scope of inventory and supply chain management. More details are avaialble by following the product labels on this website. There are currently more than 150 installations of DEMAND SOLUTIONS™ throughout Australia and the AsiaPacific being serviced and supported by Demand Management Systems Pty Ltd.

As principal of the organisation, Lloyd Sheather brings an extensive range of career experience having worked with 3M Ausralia in a variety of management responsibilities from direct sales and the customer service interface through to the engine room of manufacturing planning and scheduling.

The need for improved Demand Planning functionality was recognised at the time that the Demand Solutions software became available. The scope of this solution coincided with the developments in the market place that ensured an acceptance by organisations for tools to develop better visibility, flexibility and subsequently broader forecasting options to meet the organisations demands.  These activities associated with the development of the ‘game plan’ for the company still offer the greatest scope for fine-tuning any company’s operation. The process is now labelled Integrated Business Planning which is a step up from the previous label of Sales & Operations Planning.

Lloyd has developed a team of professional consultants who interpret the extensive scope of Demand Solutions to implement support educate and focus on improving the business processes for Manufacturing, Distribution and Service organisations.

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